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Viewing Rental Properties – Checklist

Finding a new place to rent can feel like a mammoth task.  To make things a little easier keep this handy list to hand to remind you of things to look for when viewing properties:

Before any viewings make a list of features and criteria that are important to you.

What facilities and amenities are around the property, both in the community/building and nearby?  Do they suit your needs and lifestyle?

Outside the property:

Is the building in good condition

If there’s a garden has it been well maintained

What are the neighbouring properties like

Are there potential parking issues

Inside the property:

Check out the AC.  Does it work, is it noisy, does it appear to have been maintained.  Are there thermostats in every room?

Is the general condition good

Check for health & safety issues such as bare wiring, faulty plugs and lightsIs there enough storage for you

What provisions are there for TV, internet, telephone

An obvious one, but will your belongings fit

If appliances are being provided, do they work

Make sure taps, toilets, baths & showers don’t leak

Listen carefully – what’s the noise like from outside, from neighbours

Are there any suspicious water stains anywhere?

Can you see any signs of mould?

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