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Property Management in Dubai Made Simple

Abode's Property Management's Dubai business model puts technology and innovation at the forefront to allow you to stay ahead of the competition. Our service is designed around your needs to allow flexibility.

This in turn allows your asset to generate maximum income while being maintained properly! Ask about our Expert Property Management in Dubai services today.

"We offer advanced technological property management Dubai solutions that provide you with complete transparency and open access to your account. The use of online tools and apps allows us to drive our costs down which makes it more economical for us to manage your apartment with less overheads which in turn allows us to pass the cost saving directly to you. So you get more advanced open solutions at less cost which instantly drives your profit margin up." Ask about our Expert Property Management in Dubai services today.

Handover Inspections in Dubai


We make sure your property is in best condition at handover by providing detailed inspection reports after completing our complete snagging service. This ensures that your property is ready to be rented or sold without worry of faults being found. We provide Expert Property Management in Dubai


  • Digital condition reports after detailed inspection
  • All legal documentation for handover completed and in place
  • Detailed handover with Tenant to protect both tenant and landlord
  • Relationship Transparency with tenant set form start
fees and pricing


We make sure your property price is set correctly at the outset so as not to over price or underprice. If its overpriced its sits empty too long, if its underpriced your yield (Rental Return) is down.


  • Faster and more efficient rental or sales process completion
  • Less down or vacant periods due to incorrect pricing
  • Comparative market analysis on like transactions
  • Achieving desired outcomes for moving forward
  • Expert Property Management in Dubai


Abode have an in house marketing department offering marketing and advertising of your property across all platforms as well as professional photography, and HD videos. 

We then use all channels to promote including Google, Social Media, newsletters and our award winning website as well as trusted Dubai Property Portals.


  • Industry best exposure
  • Award winning lead generation
  • Quick and efficient tenant find
  • Maximising rental income
Tenant Management


After we have taken over your property and employed our award winning marketing strategy we find you a qualified tenant that is screened to make sure they are fit to occupy your property. 

During the tenancy period we offer full maintenance handling and tenancy management.


  • Screened Tenants backed up with references
  • Monitoring, implementing and advising on law changes
  • Dispute handling and support
  • Money Handling
  • Expert Property Management in Dubai