Train to be an agent in Dubai on our internship program

10 June 2019

Train to be an agent in Dubai on our internship program

We asked Jon on his immediate thoughts on his internship experience...

Reflecting back on the month I spent in Dubai, I’m have an overwhelming feeling that there’s so much out there in the world for me to explore. Waking up every day and realising that I was in a different country with new friends in a beautiful hotel in the middle of the most popular area in Dubai was an unimaginable feeling. Having the opportunity to work in Dubai was a real treat.The people I worked with quickly became a new family and the work we did quickly became fun. On my first day in Dubai my phone was unfortunately broken and I felt isolated at the start, but it turns out it was a blessing in disguise as it forced me to from new bonds and relationships quicker.

Jhen and jon in dubai

Spending almost 2 weeks in a foreign country before I got a new phone forced me to take in all of Dubai without distraction. Honestly, if I had the ability to change anything, including keeping my old phone, I still wouldn’t have changed a thing. Working with a printed out map for directions, walking around Dubai asking people on the streets which way I needed to go was one of my favourite parts of the whole experience.


It feels good getting positive feedback from people abroad when your Arabic is total c%%p, and making the journey to work in everyday and seeing new people with a blue sky background was amazing. The after work experience was fantastic with many activities to keep you occupied.

What do you think were the most valuable things that you learned during your experience?

I think, for me, the most valuable thing was becoming open-minded and developing the confidence to be outside the UK on my own. I met people that were from different backgrounds and different sectors, and I got the chance to start to understand how different people work. I think this is very valuable to becoming successful. It allows you, ultimately, to make friends and do well in business.

What do you remember most fondly about your time in Dubai?

I think the most fond memories are of the people I was with. Dubai is such an amazing city in itself – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. But the fact that I was in great accommodation with like-minded people wanting to explore something new was so special. Fast-forward to the future and I guarantee this will have influenced me a lot.

What advice would you give to someone considering pursuing an internship abroad?

Absolutely do it! For me, I’d just finished studying and I  was thinking about my next direction. This has made me see things differently.

How did the experience change you?

Before I went to Dubai I had never really had a proper job. Not a 9-to-5 sort of job. As I said, I did Real Estate at university, where in all honesty I probably wasn’t the most confident person. I didn’t know what I’d do after university. My internship made me more confident. I feel much better today than I did back then. It’s so good being confident in what you’re doing, and making your parents proud, and all of that cheesy stuff!

What did you get out of the experience?

I got an experience I’ll never forget. Those of you reading this won’t be able to tell, but we’ve just been talking about my memories and I’m smiling so much. It’s refreshed everything in my mind. I’m so happy about thinking about it. You’ll have a great time. You’ll grow in confidence. These aren’t changes you can just snap your fingers and get, they are life experiences!

Jon and john

What was the ultimate thing you learned and will try to take with you.

Don't be frightened to ask the question! It seems simple when I read this back, but if you don't have the confidence to ask the question you will never know the answer. I was forced to make decisions and ask and answer questions which initially put me outside my comfort zone. But after a while I started to realise its OK. I heard a great quote "everything you ever want is on the opposite side of fear", how true is this?  You've got to try and if you fail, learn! Then try again.
Thank You!
Thank you to everyone involved in making this dream happen for me, for recognising me, crossing my path and allowing me to have this month in Dubai with an internship in Property Management and Real Estate. The internship placement was perfect for me and this part of my journey will never be forgotten! Thank you for help preparing me for my future.