Why use Exclusive Real Estate Agent in Dubai

23 October 2019

Why use Exclusive Real Estate Agent in Dubai

Why use Exclusive Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

Why use exclusive agent in Dubai

Contrary to the trend in Dubai, it is not good practice to list your property for sale or rent with several agents. This adds to the appearance of oversupply and can potentially convey a sense of urgency on the seller’s behalf and work against you by achieving a lower price. People presume you are desperate if they see multiple listings!

External Agent Network

Abode Property has an external agent network reach of over 1300 agents. As soon a we have signed exclusively we send an email and SMS to all external agents with your property details and pricing. We actively encourage our industry colleagues to help us. This way you get 1 listing with maximum network exposure.

Premium Marketing

Abode Property has purchased community top spot for Dubai Marina so therefor can guarantee you will appear on at the top of the page 1, maximizing your exposure. Furthermore we offer featured and premium listings to further enhance your property's visibility. Why choose multiple agents when your exclusive agent, Abode Property, guarantees page 1?

Our goal is to close

Our end goal is to achieve a sale or rent for your property. We are experts in our field and offer the best exposure possible as well as the best advice on current market pricing. Its important to get the price correct at the outset. Overpriced and no one with inquire, under-priced and you lose valuable income.